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Children’s Bible Club (CBC)

Each Thursday afternoon, Uncle Barry and Aunt Winnie, presenters of the Children’s Bible Club would meet with a group of children from the Lannaman’s Prep. school to pre-record the programme to be aired for the following Sunday. Whenever possible, two week’s programme would be done on Thursdays giving them adequate time to attend to other situations that may arise.

Little does our audience know of all the preparation that takes place. The writers of the scripts need creativity. When the script is sent to the school, the principal goes through the script with the readers who in turn study the script. Interestingly, after the programme is taped at the studio, the children will repeat the script in story form and even dramatize it to the entire school during morning devotions!

Once when Uncle Barry spoke at a Sunday School, he reminded the children that they should not skip Sunday school to stay home to listen to the radio programme.

However, so interesting were the serial stories that one little girl would leave Sunday school early to go home to listen to the programme. Then one day, one of the children reminded her, ”Don’t you hear what Uncle Barry said?”

And another little girl asked her mother, “Can I borrow your little radio to take to church?” She knew exactly what time CBC came on and needed permission from her mother to go outside to listen to it.

Below are pictures of these events.

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Presenters, Uncle Barry
and Aunt Winnie
Children in the studio.
How they enjoy their part!
Radio programme in the studio