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JCEF Programs

Here, on our Program Page, you can gain some information on various ministries.

Good News Clubs®

These are informal Bible clubs held in homes, community centers, schools and other locations. Good News Clubs® in schools have been known to improve the discipline and lives of many children. Clubs meet once a week during the school year. Click here to see some pictures


Through week-end and week-long camps, many children’s lives have been completely transformed by the power of Jesus. Many children, who have gone to these camps, have themselves later become counsellors. Click here to see some pictures

Devotions in Schools:

This ministry has exposed over 93,000 primary and basic school children to the message of the Gospel and many have had a personal encounter with Jesus.

5-Day Clubs®

This program is held during the summer when the children are on school holidays. It also provides opportunities for ministry among children by our teenagers who are trained in our annual Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) programme. Click here to see some pictures

Telephone Ministry:

The Tel-A-Story ministry allows children to phone in and hear a Bible story. The number for this ministry is 920-1698.

Radio Programmes:

Our two radio programmes help to build Christian character. Children’s Bible Club©, which has been on the radio for over thirty six years is aired on Love101 FM Sundays at 12:15pm and the Children's Bible Time airs on Roots 96.1 FM on Sundays at 12:30pm. Click here to see some pictures

Teacher Training Programme:

This vibrant training ministry teaches Christian adults for work with children through the Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Seminars and workshops are also conducted.

Mailbox Club

This ministry is a primary means of discipleship. Children are sent lessons which are read, completed and returned. When they complete a series they receive a certificate.